Calories: Why this notion is outdated
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Calories: Why this notion is outdated

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Old over 190 years, the concept of calories should no longer be used ... That's why (and this is not a Belgian story, even if I will take the example of French fries).

The calorie tables give for 100 gr of fries a value of 408 kcal. The problem is that we do not consider many other parameters. So let's take the case of fries. First, there are more than 300 varieties of potatoes with caloric values ​​that range from 60 to 120 calories per 100 gr.

Secondly, the cooking method also plays a role on energy intake, fat or not fat and if fat how much.

Third, even cutting the fries has an impact on calories. With equal weight, French fries are more caloric than larger ones because the big fries have more raw material than the small fries, which quickly become full of fat.

Fourth, the time at which a food is eaten affects its transformation and energy value (kcal); for example, less fries are metabolized in the evening than at midday.

Fifth, muscle mass also plays a role in the calorie concept. To have a good metabolism and easily burn the famous "calories", it is better to have a good muscle mass and not too much fat. Basically, the more fries and chips for the sportsman.

Sixth, an intestinal flora rich in good bacteria will digest fries better than a microbiota - intestinal flora without good bacterial strains.

Seventh, and generally, eating raw foods requires the body more energy to digest them, so it burns more energy. You do not need to have attended the Geneva Health University in nutrition and dietetics to know that 200 gr of Big Mac are richer in (bad) energy or calories than 200 gr of cucumber!

For my part, in my private consultations and programs that I propose I never talk about calories. Certain modes of operation have a hard tooth and the notion of calorie, outdated, is one of them.

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