Squash and turmeric soup
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Squash and turmeric soup

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Discover today our Halloween soup: Delicious, seasonal and rich in antioxidants thanks to the turmeric juice and pumpkin seeds it contains.

But that's not all: squash seed has many other virtues. First of all, it is very rich in proteins and more particularly in tyrosine and phenylalanine, the precursors of dopamine and norepinephrine.

Then it contains many minerals, is very rich in magnesium and contains many antioxidants including zinc, manganese and copper; which is good because it will fix the iron which squash seed is well provided. It also contains a lot of B vitamins and is very rich in fiber. What to add a handle to soups, salads and other dishes without hesitation!


800 gr of pumpkin

50 gr of butter

100 gr of fresh goat cheese

some squash seeds


salt and pepper



1. Peel and cut the pumpkin in small pieces, sauté in 50 gr of hazelnut butter over low heat for 5 minutes covered.

2. Add 20cl of water, salt and add the turmeric and black pepper, cook over low heat 20 minutes

3. Mix and adjust the seasoning.

4. Spread the soup in the hot plate, put some goat slices and some pumpkin seeds on the surface

5. Melt and enjoy.

Enjoy your meal !

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